Burning Meadow

November 9, 2010
By KatieM. GOLD, Coronado, California
KatieM. GOLD, Coronado, California
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Favorite Quote:
"He will die on his feet before he lives on his knees"

1. I lay while the blades brush my face
2. My heart beats like a million drums at once
1. The sweet smell of color surfaces the sheet
2. Smoke fills my eyes
1. Swaying my hands back and forth
2. My hands clenched tight
1. Wind escaping through my fingers
2. My fingers burn from the flames
1. My muscles droop and let go
2. My body tense to the touch
1. Relaxation runs over me
2. My veins pulse out loud
1. Not a thought in my mind
2. Thoughts invade my mind
1. A shine of gold reflects the earth
2. A darkness covers what’s left

The author's comments:
This is two totally opposite poems combined together to make this one poem.

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