By the Silent Shore

November 22, 2007
I counted the hours
The minutes
The seconds
It took the clocks hand to touch mine

As I watched you
As you looked back
And our eyes met

You’d laugh
And the simple task
Filled my heart
With all the years I missed

I only dreamt
Of you
Of that night
We lay on the beach
As the cool sand
Became our blanket

As your arms
Wrapped around mine
And in that moment
I felt protected

Body and soul
Our hearts carved a blanket
In the warmth of the moon light
The wind
As it grazed against our hands

And even a little raindrop here or there
Couldn’t ruin this moment
Or remove it
From the record
In my mind

Then as you tilted my chin
And your cheek skimmed against mine
All of time laid still

And all I heard was the rush of the ocean
The waves crashing
Against the silent shore
The wind grazing against our hands
The raindrops
Which as they pitter pattered
Against our cheek
Couldn’t ruin this minute in time

As our lips met
And told a story
For the very first time

The seconds
The minutes
The hours did not exist

The clock became a stranger
As we became more than friends
And in that second
You were mine
And I was yours
By the silent shore

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