My Own Disgusting Art

November 22, 2007
my mentality is void
my hopes are destroyed
having nothing else to do
i did something that no one else knew

with no tears in my eyes
and a smile to disguise
i go to my room
and thats where all my sadness is resumed

i sit on my bed
knowing what was coming ahead
i quietly grabed it and held it in my hand
knowing then that no one could ever understand

i played with it a bit
knowing soon what it would commit
with a blank expression on my face
i did something that i cannot erase

i made it dance along my arm
causing myself harm
knowing that it was just the start
of my own disgusting art

deeper and deeper each time i move it down
intil in my own blood it drowns
i wipe it away and see what ive done
knowing now that this is what ive become

with only one tear in my eye
i know its time to deny
so i grabed a sweater and put it on
to hide my self-mutilation that i have drawn

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