November 21, 2007
By Kimberly Niccolai, Hinsdale, IL

He asked her so nicely, like it wasn’t a big deal
And she said yes, in the moment, not thinking
He picked her up and carried her away
Going off into dreamland, no worries today
He kissed her lips so softly
And she wanted to scream stop
But she wanted it to keep going
Because it felt so right to be touched
The hand on her face, she didn’t know
But she wanted to be loved
In a way parents couldn’t give
He told her she was beautiful
And she thought the words were true
But in the end she didn’t know
At last they said goodbye
And she held him so tight
Arms gripped around his belly
He said they would meet again
And she just nodded
Even though she knew, never again
Because eventually she would find
Herself and what she wanted to become.

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