The Lullaby

November 21, 2007
By Sarah Knaggs, Kingston, PA

Once he sang me a song
In a language I didn’t know
He claimed it was a lullaby
Under the trees
Swaying in the breeze
Sitting on a bench
In a place I can’t recall
He sang it
And claimed it was a lullaby
But in his voice I heard the story
The story the song told
Of a child left alone
Of the death of a parent
Who couldn’t go on
And the ensuing despair
The desolation of a child
Left to live with people he didn’t know
And never would
Who grew to be a man
Who fell in love
With a woman who gave him a child
And left him at the birth of the child
I heard the story in his voice always
Until the day he couldn’t go on
And now I sing a lullaby
And hope to never fall in love

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