Stop Crying Little One

November 21, 2007
By Cristina Luna Paredes, Chicago, IL

Stop crying little one, its going to be okay.
All the pain you feel today will soon go away.

Stop crying little one, don't shed those tears.
Everyone that hurt you now will soon be far from near.

Hold your head up little one, show them you are strong.
Reflect your pride in your face and keep moving on.

Hold your head up little one, the past is behind you now.
What use to haunt you in your dreams, can only make you stronger now.

Look forward little one, the future is looking bright.
You'll get far away and out of their sight.

Look forward little one, let them judge you know.
They don't see the pain in your eyes, so don't' show them how hard you fell to the ground.

Stop crying little one, forget the pain you felt.
Dry those tears on your face, look at your reflection in the mirror now.

Look at your eyes, the years reflected in them.
Notice your mouth, from which the forbidden events should have been spoken from.
Look at your hangs, they have endured so much.
Look at yourself, my dear, you have grown up.
So smile big and stop those tears.
Put everything behind you, the road is now clear.

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