Morals, Inspirations, and Principles of Life

December 12, 2007
Forgive but never forget
Live but never regret
Take risks but consider the stakes
Learn from your mistakes
And wiser will be your next step
Strive and you get respect
Think to be innovative
Lead not to be authoritative
Never be submissive
Live to be illusive
Don’t let materials define you
You’re a product of what you think
You’re a product of what you do
Don’t let the material products conduct or define you
Be the producer of your own views
Don’t except something just because it is said
Form your own opinions on what is written or read
Get the facts straight let them sink in your head
But don’t except right away, ponder and understand instead
Don’t be a slave of fashion don’t be a slave of devotion
And don’t let yourself be subject to the bondage of emotion
Think with your head and feel and love with your heart
(And guys, don’t let your lower half be where the thought process starts)
Don’t be a follower among the condemned sheep
Become a shepherd and apply what it is you believe
These are some principles of life I live by and some general truths
Protect what you believe in and what is special to you

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