A State of Confusion

November 7, 2010
By , Alexandria, VA
The razor was Slim-
It was Brown--blood trickled Down
The pain seemed so Kind--but I wanted it to be Blind
Absent and Different-
No Simple Angle am I

What a Simple thing-No more bubble to break
Body is Slim--But I cannot Swim
Short happy moments-Shortwave of pain--
Pitch dark Brown-A brain Meltdown---
Every struggle is Different--Not enough Ointment
Being Blind is leaving sight Behind

But being Blind--could be better to see the unkind
Simple sharp Scissors--
Everyone has a Different Judgment
Slim Slits-
Brown Rundown houses
Blocking me is a Short Fort-

A Sort vacation Resort--
Even that still makes Mankind Blind
Falling on the Brown earth--Facedown
For this is no Simple Battle--
Slim Silver Slippers comfort me--
Different Dizzy Digits confuse me

I am Blunt--which makes me Different-
Laughing hard-I give a big Short Snort
A Slim Limb shatters
Eyes stare Behind that head--it is nowhere near Blind
Simple baby sleeping in a cradle
Brown Hometown Meltdown--

Back then, being Brown is a Put down--
But everybody is born a Different Infant
For a Simple world Crumples
Life is Short--and it gets Shortened
The Blindfolds are attached to me--for I was born Blind
The Slim me made me Slip through the world--unnoticed

Simple Snakes Smelly and Slimy--
Brown Barrel Blackness makes Blindness--
Different Smiles-Short Sadness--

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