Who Is Me?

December 12, 2007
Who is 'me'? Who am I?
Just an everyday average guy?
The question is asked but never answered
Due to the strictness of the social stature.

But the question was still there
As a constant reminder.
Never giving me much
But a constant hinder.

So to stop the annoyance,
I started asking around.
But everywhere I looked,
I couldn't be found.

Until I asked the right person, you see.
I sat down and asked myself
"Who am I? Who is me?"

I am a man, not a boy,
I am no tool or toy.
I'm a bandy and an athlete,
A tyro and an elite.

I role model for the young
And have respect for the old.
My heart is ablaze with passion
But at the same time is cold.

I'm an artist and a brother,
A son to my mother,
A worker for my dad,
With love some never had.

I'm a lover and a fighter,
Constantly pulled between
Taking action or not
Over some rotten thing I've seen

I'm conclusive and indecisive,
I play in this game
That some people call life.
To me it's all the same.

I'm outgoing, I'm shy.
I'm just trying to get by.

I'm a success, I'm a failure,
I'm a combination of the two.
It all depends on the judgment
Passed over me by you.

I'm a performer to the end
As well as a best friend.

I'm so many things all rolled into one.
Was I born like this, or was it too much sun?

I can't tell what I am, but I'm sure you can agree:
Everything I've said in this, all of it is me.

This is the end, you see?

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