The Ballad of the Young and the Hopeless

December 12, 2007
So has it finally come to this
The art of how to feign
This mask of vibrant hopefulness
Though we're already slain

Remember when we used to live
As people in this world
The threshold was silently crossed
And hearts, like fists, were curled

Cheated, defeated and decieved
We live and dream no more
Languidly drifting through the world
Laughter forgotten lore

What does one do with shallowed hearts
Brindled with frail regrets
Crested and crowned with morphine thorns
Answers-there may be yet

To heal a shattered essence, one
Must learn to feel again
That is the only passage back
Into the world of men

As we continue to attempt
A truth enchains our mind
A ballad of young and hopeless
As we stagger on blind

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