Mis Lunes

December 12, 2007
I awake at six a.m.,
Now I’m really tired.
I want to sleep.
“I don’t want to go to school,” I say,
“I wish I was a genius,
So I don’t have to learn.”

I arrive at school an hour later.
I pull hard to open the front door,
Only to find out it’s locked,
I move to another,
Finally, it opens up.

As I slump up the stairs,
I trip up.
I break my fall.
I look around, “Good no one’s there,”
I giggle my little giggle,
Then I get back to my feet.

The day creeps slowly by.
I just want to sit there and cry,
As I do my school work all day long.

Seventh period, we’re almost done,
Another lecture, here it comes.
He talks and talks,
He never ends.
Oh yeah, there’s the bell,
See you tomorrow,
My listening here is done.

School is over,
I go home,
Still doing work for a couple hours,
I sit there and think,
“Oh great, four more days to go.”

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