Fear and His Four Horsemen

December 12, 2007
Fear is just a word,
Isn’t it?
Why is it always heard?
Why does it always hurt?
Fear wants us to believe that it’s more than a word
Its influence grows, as the world grows darker with it.

Its subordinates grow more and more
They rule with an iron fist.
War, in his armor of white,
Fights with the light
Of this world,
His vast armies annihilate everything in their path,
Leaving his victims in fear of his coming wrath.

He lays siege to the world,
Assuaging his bloodlust,
Seeking to turn everything into dust.

Famine, with her pesky pet
Lays siege to the fields so dense
Destroying the children of Mother Earth,
Burning the fields of wheat, corn, and rye,
Causing families to fall to the cravings of hunger,
Son kills father, and father kills son.
Leaving the world writhing in its despair.

Despair, apprentice of Death
Sends feelings of helplessness into the hearts of humanity
Causing their deaths at their own hand.

Then comes Death, with his sharp sickle,
To collect his due, coming in the dead of night.
None escape his sight.

Fear uses these weapons to control, manipulate, and destroy.
Trying to assert its control in our hearts.
But we must fight the monsters that it builds
Within our souls
To find our solace, our home,
If we are to carve our own path.
All we have to fear is Fear himself.

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