…To Spite the Face

December 12, 2007
By andria wood, Fort Recovery, OH

The cut is quick
My heart stops beating
And now I'm fading fast

I see myself
Crumpled on the floor
Watching me breathe my last

They find me there
Carrying me away,
They cry out their lament

I smirk at this
And I think, "oh, yes!"
"Now surely they'll repent"

They sigh and weep
Wishing I were there
To right what they've done wrong

To make amends
And ease their guilt
Too late to sing that song

They file inside
See me lying there
Everyone sheds a tear

They say in life
I was wonderful
Just what I want to hear

Now I'm ready
To return to them
Now that I know they care

Now that they know
How much they will miss
When I'm no longer there

What's going on?
Why can't I go back?
I want to live my life!

I gave it up
That means forever
Beginning with a knife

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