Through The Years

December 12, 2007
Growing up, the youngest of three
I always thought people expected more out of me
My two other sister’s never went off to college
So the pressure has been put on me and my knowledge

Though football has always been important to me
I find myself watching from the stands, where it’s hard to see
How I ended up in the popcorn stained stands, is not hard to explain
It was all the result of one night, a coach, and a man; which is plain

Through all these trials and tribulations it’s not hard for me to see
That my parents have been great because they love me
Now it’s my senior year and I can’t wait to see
How college and life are going to be

My parents, as it turns out, just wanted me to live life and have no fears
And this is how I have lived ever day through the years.

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