That is Just Me

December 12, 2007
By Natasha Cooper, Pembroke Pines, FL

Looking up at the clouds
And just seeing the crowds
Not having an identical mirror
Only having a difference

I am who I am
No one can change that
No on can break that

I’m a dreamer
I’m a believer
I’m a go-getter
I’m an over-achiever

Nothing to be sad about
Nothing to be mad about
Life is great
What more can I ask for?

Always filled with laughter
Never with sorrow

I love who I am
I express who I am
That is just me

I have parents that love me with all their heart
I have friends that make life feel so much better
Life is great
What more can I ask for?

I’m friendly
I’m outgoing
I’m self-motivated
I’m the one and only

Now looking down from the clouds
And seeing no crowds
Just seeing a reflection of myself
But realizing there I not one thing I would change
I am me

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