What I Could Never Give Back

December 12, 2007
Thanks so much for all you do
Including all the nights you had to put up with my attitude
I hope you know I love you dearly
that's why they give me this day to thank you yearly
I know growing up seems to take forever
thats why I am glad you were there for me making it worth while especially with your pretty mothering wonderful smile

Look at me see what I have become
it is the wonderful job you have done
I always seemed to break my wings
somehow you always were there to mend my precious dreams

Finding all the words to describe you is tough
for the fact I don't know if I could ever say enough
I want to thank you for making me whole
but then also helping me have a good soul

You're the one who makes big sacrifices for me
who always puts me first

I am now getting ready to enter high school
strangely enough all you want back is my baby drool

I want to thank you for everything you do
Like making all my dreams come true
Your best has past on to me
So if I were you I really wouldn't worry

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