November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Not-so-tiny hand in mine
Take me to another time
Away from loneliness like this
Does a time for us like that exist?
If I could I'd tell all my regrets
Without you I have no pulse, no breath
This distance cannot be measured in miles
But in the space between our hugs, your smiles
Always paused for too many years
And even my memories are blurred with tears
Over all the love I want to give
And the joy I wish that we could live
But I promise that I'll fight for you
Until I win remember this only truth
You are my world, my life, my love
And tonight you're what I'm dreaming of

The author's comments:
For my brother and sisters that I miss every second of everyday. I wish you didn't have to grow up without me. And I wish I didn't have to catch a plane to see you. Someday it'll be different. Promise.

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