i thought you loved him

November 6, 2010
By PigletLovesThumper BRONZE, Sanford, Michigan
PigletLovesThumper BRONZE, Sanford, Michigan
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i just wanna live my life........ I want everyone else too not live mine!!!

Why is it that you never know?
What you truly have until it’s gone
It’s like when there’s something
You just assume that it will always be there
And then when it isn’t there anymore
Your heart broken when someone
You really love is around, you think
There’s no way he’ll leave me
We love each other to much
Then you treat him bad a couple of times
And get way too jealous then
You blink and he’s gone
Once you realize what you had and lost
You miss it and try to get it back but
Every time you try it seems to come back
And bite you in the butt then
Once you finally realize that
Its officially gone and never coming back
You have to move on
Don’t try to walk and look back
You’ll crash and fall on your butt

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