When I See You

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

It's like I'm being lifted right off the ground
It's like my thoughts are faster than the speed of sound
It's like I've forgotten how to catch my breath
It's like I'm in a place that is after death
When I see you

I feel as if I'm seeing the world in a new light
I feel as if I've never seen such a lovely sight
I feel as if I'm being touched by the hand of God
I feel as if I've felt so pleasantly odd
When I see you

I know it is rare to ever feel this way
I know it is both scary and grand to be gay
I know there are a million who would die for this
I know there are few ways to reach such great bliss
When I see you

I want to scream louder than I ever have before
I want to cry tears that will pool on the floor
I want to be in your arms for days on end
I want to know my pains you will mend
When i see you

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