Why Me?

November 6, 2010
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Why me?
That is the question I always ask myself.
Every time I see someone laugh or smile, I start to cry.
I cry for my parents not for me.
I think of them and how it came to be.
Why him?
After their car crash, they have never been the same.
There is only one to blame.
To blame is the drunk driver.
He is the only real survivor.
Why not anyone else?
I know that sounds selfish, but really it is not.
I just can’t believe how I got put in this lonely slot.
They were in the wrong place at the wrong time,
In the middle of that serious driving crime.
Why them?
My lovely parents just sit and stare.
I am the only one left to care.
Before I go to bed, I lie on my back.
And let my mind go black.
Why this?
When I see them I get a feeling in my stomach like a lonely pit.
Even though I know in my head I need to accept it.
My parents will always be in my heart.
But I know they would want me to have a fresh new start.
Why me?

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