(I Love You)

November 3, 2010
By J.E.S. BRONZE, Newport Beach, California
J.E.S. BRONZE, Newport Beach, California
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He said it to me the other day
And the world stopped spinning
I had absolutely nothing to say
As if responding was sinning

I'd seen it done so many times
I knew how it was supposed to end
But instead i was like the mimes
I wonder if this wound will mend

He looked back waiting for it back
I couldn't say anything at all
Especially words along his track
It was like a neverending free fall

Seconds seemed like hours and days
For silence is love's worst fear
I keep seeing his sorrowful gaze
And the moment it produced a tear

How did i get stuck in a choke
When this what i most desire
It felt the world's biggest joke
I feel like I should just retire

I wish we could redo that scene
Or maybe just fly away like birds
And go to a place much more serene
Where i could return those three words

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