Never Again

October 27, 2010
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As her arms held me close
I felt like I was protected from all danger
As her smile brightened my day
I felt like nothing could cause anger

Running in the kitchen getting yelled at
I miss those days
Catching whippings for leaving toys in the floor
I miss those days

She gave encouraging words
And only spoke peace
Told me never to hold back
“Whatever it is, release”

Now there’s something missing
Something that can never come back
There is a different build-up
That causes me to attack

It’s hard to accept the fact that she’s gone
And not one good-bye was spoken
And I hold everything inside
Because I can no longer feel open

Different holidays and birthdays
Bring back so many memories
And I get upset
Because you’re not here to share them with me

If I could just have one more moment
And get help with one last fear
I’ll feel much better
So I can drop one last tear

With God’s hand holding mine
I know everything will be fine
Because I know you’re smiling on me
Then I can live my life happily

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