Grasping for Summer

December 12, 2007
Strawberries slip off my tongue,
as the slow drawl of sunlight prances through locks of strands of hair.
Sun tastes like summer, smells like home-
will stay forever like this.

Grasping hands hold in place this time.
Grasping for warmth, onto peacefulness just this once.
Laughter rolls out in front of me-
it’s the only one left behind that day.
Together now,
slipping away,

Water smells like adventure, holds like blankets-
blankets of gallons of liquid that
seeps through my layers of skin.
Still holing,
secrets told, shared, known, and lost.

Tasting summer, smelling stability, holding onto a day-
idea, a dream, an entire lifetime-
forever left behind.

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