Bleeding Sun

October 26, 2010
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You are a witness of a bleeding sun
That sets your heart ablaze
And as the sun sinks below
Your steady heartbeat delays
You know they’re coming for your soul
For that rush of blood
The very thing that grips your heart
As the fear floods
It fills you to the brim
And you only drown, never swim
You are cornered, never free
Outcast on a lonely sea
The tidal waves of terror
Break upon your heart
The white caps filling you
From the very start
You can hear them coming now
Screaming that mournful cry
The call that resonates a warning
You are going to die
They hunt you down like a doe
In a winters forest
The very thing of innocence that creeps about the snow
If you are fast enough, if you are wise
Perhaps you can delay the hunt
Perhaps you can stall your demise
But even if you fool yourself
Even if you try
You know you’ll never escape
You’ll never make it out alive
Can you hear them coming for you?
Can you see the signs?
The ever long shadows of your doubtful mind
You never thought you’d get this far
And maybe it’s all in your head
Until you start to realize
On your blood they have fed
It’s far too late to go back now
It’s far too late to run
Unless you are a lucky one
And find refuge underneath the bleeding sun

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