The Kiss

October 26, 2010
By Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
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In the distance, the rumble sounds
It shakes the Earth, it shakes the towns
It echoes across that bleary gray sky
Warning of a heavy angel’s cry
And as the sound dies away
A bolt of light comes to play
And with it brings that sound again
That ancient warning of past sin
Pray for a savior to take these away
Pray for the good blessing God has to say
Those who don’t listen don’t hear the word
And the meaning of rescue becomes absurd
Those who don’t look don’t see the sign
The thing that will lead them to the end of the line
The line that holds all strife
The thing you endure to enter this life
The life that promises all will be well
But if you don’t believe, your soul is to sell
You will be lost, unable to find
Untraceable ‘till the end of time
So count your blessings, here it comes
The echoed rumble that makes you go numb
And here comes that light again
Now it seems like an old friend
Now you listen, now you see
Now you have found the key
It will unlock that mystery door
The very thing that makes you want more
The door that stands for greed and hate
But when you unlock it, you seal your fate
You have made it through the test
You listened and saw what nobody could guess
You now know the answers
You now know the cure
Of things that others are still not sure
And in that distant, far-away place
The rumble of thunder still gives a trace
Of the one that granted you this
Of the one that gave you the kiss

The author's comments:
I became inspired to write this poem when my dad and I had a deep conversation about Heaven and God.

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