December 12, 2007
By Laura Holte, Woodbury, MN

so cruel, so amazing
so unpredictable
Dark woods
cloaked with a black blanket
clenching tightly to the nearest person
a staggering start
unsure of what to do
the firm grip pulls you through
Dark and Cold
your mind plays tricks on you
Dark and Cold
you see things that aren't there
Dark and Cold
you're afraid to move on
it seems hard to see
your grasp slips away
panic ensues
not sure what to do
black shadows come at you
they help you
they destroy you
unsure of who to trust
contine to stray
until you feel a thrust
a cap
a gown
another thrust
you made it out
only to find another entrance
whipping around
trying to find your guide
you're on your own

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on Aug. 5 2008 at 8:57 pm

this poem is supose to be about a person's journey through life . how when you're young you have a firm grip pulling you through the forest of your life, helping you when you need it the most . That grip could be your parents or your friends or anybody that has been there for you. The black shadows are the influences that people or things have had on your life, they can either help you or destroy you. After you graduate from high school, you're on your own, you dont have a guide to help you through the forest of college.


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