Fake Happiness. Real Deppression

November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Having to walk into the room with a big bright smile on my face just to please you./
Listening to you tell me how much of a good person you think I am, how helpful you think I am;/
Meanwhile I am yelling and screaming at you in my mind because of your ignorance./
Everything seems all good to you only because you are blinded by my ever so perfect smile./
If only you could open your eyes and see the light.//

Once I am in the security of my bedroom,/
I break down,cry my eyes out and yell at the darkness on how clueless and stupid you are;/
But also on how much of a coward I am for not saying these things to you./
Something keeps holding me back,/
Stopping me from telling you the truth and spilling my guts outs./
Maybe because Im afraid.../
Afraid of what you'll do..../
Afraid of what you'll say to me next......./

The author's comments:
A situation I went through with a loved one inspired me to write this. I hope that people will learn that if you want someone to understand you, you need to understand yourself....

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