It's a Poem about an Eating Disorder

November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

It's being so weak you can't breathe
It's being so sad you can't cry another tear
It's being so ashamed you just want to forget
It's being so obsessed that you live in fear
It's lying to you friends when they swear they know
It's lying to your body as you lay puking on the floor
It's lying to your doctor when he trys to help
It's lying to yourself when you say you won't anymore
It's thinking you are almost at your goal
It's thinking you're the ugliest creature alive
It's thinking everyone else does it so why not?
It's thinking you can continue and still survive
It's telling yourself you can stop anytime
It's telling the mirror you'll never be thin
It's telling people you just metabolize fast
It's telling God that this is not a sin
It's the life of a bulimic.

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