The World's True Wonders

November 7, 2010
People of this world are so sightless and so utterly blind.
They turn their backs, walk away, and leave everything behind.
Nature is the world's true beauty, nature is where it's at.
Nature is what holds the world's wonders, and we can leave it at that.
Look at the stars and look at the moon; look at the sun hanging in the sky.
Look at the trees and feel the breeze; watch the clouds as they pass right on by.
Listen to the dog barking happily; look at the cat dozing in the sun.
Watch the squirrel as it climbs a tree; look at the cheetah in its mad-dash run.
Gaze at the butterfly's beautiful pattern; ponder the wolves howling all night long.
Gape as the dolphin jumps again; listen in wonder to the birds' wond'rous song.
These are the wonders the earth can hold, wonders that will take your breath away.
These wonder exist all around us, and they're happening every day.
The world holds such beauty and majesty.
All you need to do is open your eyes....and see.

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