November 7, 2010
Little second graders.
Juice box drinkers and hopscotch players.
Who knew that from the start
you'd be the one to capture my heart?
Like a camera with a never-ending film.
And to think I liked you then.
Seven years had come and gone,
and that fil keeps going on and on.
Every touch felt cold to me,
but just one look in your eyes warms my coldest dreams.
I can see you in the dark.
I can feel you in my heart.
I can hear you in my mind.
Look at what you've left behind.
A look in my eyes no camera can capture
and memories that just won't fade no matter how big the eraser.
The wind blowing through your brown hair
always leaves me gasping for air.
The sun eluminates your eyes of blue.
All the stars in the sky have nothing on you.
I'm keeping my eyes open wide
in fear of you being gone in the blink of an eye.
At the end of the day,
we can laugh and say "Look at what a mess we made."
The camera still flashes when you're gone.
And that endless film keeps going on... and on... and on...

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