Trial and Error

November 7, 2010
As the waves flood the shore and I feel the sand between my toes,
the mistakes don't exist anymore. What happened all the times I've been lied to?
Did I do something wrong, or was it something that I said?
I guess it was just building up till it could be torn down by you.

As the ocean mist sprays, I feel you all around me.
Even though you are standing right beside me,
your fingers intertwined with mine, you are everywhere I didn't ever think you could be.
You're such a mystery.

As the cool breeze blows, I hear your velvet like voice.
Just when I started to fall for one of the more foul boys,
you caught me instead.
I guess you were just another step ahead.

As we watch the radiant sunset fade to black,
I wonder what made us meet that day far back.
I was too busy gathering rocks to realize I threw out a diamond.
After three mistakes, I was done.

What happens when one loves out of spite or jealousy?
One ends up unhappy.
So, what happens when one goes back and look at what one already knew?
I end up with you.

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