November 7, 2010
Just when I thought I was over you,
you pulled me back in for Round 2.
When will I learn?
I just don't want to get hurt.
I trashed your memory
and made a new me.
I told everyone I was through
and was done crying over you.
Not really.
I had to do what makes me happy.
I didn't know that would still be you.
Hm, what to do.
You'd think that by now I'd know
'cause here we go
Ugh, men.
Like songs, good or bad in anyway,
they get stuck in your head all day.
As much as I try, I just cant quit.
Something about you is so addicting.
It started over, like a new day.
Like we're stuck on replay.
I swore I'd never let you back in,
but here you are again.
All of my plans, I forgot about that.
All my school girl fantasies came back.
Your memory, I forgot all about.
That little flame finally burned out.
All through the rain, I savored my end.
To my surprise, the fire started again.
With you, my life's never a bore.
Can't contain myself anymore.
Your smile makes my heart skip a beat.
What is this, you're doing to me?
I'm falling to pieces.
Everyone sees this.
This feeling will never end
'cause here we go again.

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