Lose Yourself

November 7, 2010
Time to let it go.
This won't last for long, you know.
It's been a hard day.
There's nothing left to say.
Throw off my converse,
and together we'll break the curse.
Fall into bed.
it's time to clear my head.
Plug my earphones in
and crank the volume up to 10.
I'm just the kind of girl to drown out reality with music way too loud;
Always the one to stand out in the crowd.
Music helps me escape.
It expresses feelings that words could never explain.
I'm floating like the notes played.
I'm in synch with the chords laid.
I've said things I regret.
the melodies tell me not to forget.
Never more, shall I fight for something not worth fighting for.
Being strong is the only option forever more.
As the beat flows, my mind starts to run.
Avoid the shadows, and keep your face to the sun.
Let the guitar play.
Lose yourself all night and day.
Break away from the chords.
Just drop the world.
Don't let the heartache slow you down.
Connect with the tune they're throwing down.
Take the weight off your shoulders.
Don't let your reflection become a smotherer.
Drown out everyone else.
Just Lose Yourself.

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