That Feeling

November 7, 2010
By christinaxsays94 BRONZE, Plasitow, New Hampshire
christinaxsays94 BRONZE, Plasitow, New Hampshire
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His love is like a drug,
And he’s my addiction,
The way he looks at me, always with a smile,
The sparkle in his bright blue eyes with specks of gold,
His voice, when it speaks to me, is ever so gentle, it’s mesmerizing,
The way his soft hands sweep my cheek so sweetly,
He doesn’t have to say a word to make me feel beautiful,
When I am with him, all my problems disappear,
And the world seems perfect for just a moment,
With his smooth, careful lips upon mine,
It’s like no other feeling,
A sensation no one else can achieve,
Because when you have that feeling of love,
You know it’s meant to be.

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