What Is Blest?

October 13, 2010
By , Carlisle, SC
The women who,
Of the pious United States.
Sell themselves away.
To the world of adultery,
And forgotten virginity's day.

And while they,
Their lives away.
With the fanceed romance,
Of lusts falshood.

To find a temporary pleasure,
Be that as it may.
In freedom's roam,
Of idle foolishness.

Take nothing seriously,
There life a game,
In vanity's frame.

Think not,
Across the sea,
Of others less fortunate,
Than they or me.
Who may chuse not,
For they have know liberty.

But are bought and sold,
And traded freely.
Against there will,
If they have one left.
For that teir women,
And have know power,
But only a life,
Which they may not desire.

Yet think not the women,
Who are free,
Of those in living jeoperdy.
Each night and day,
How they carry the burden,
Of femenine doom.
Complete without romance,
To pierc the gloom.

And just pause,
For one simple debate.
Should there freedome lead them,
To a similar fate?

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