Hateful Justice

October 13, 2010
With Satan’s devilish influence, Waco cried out.
They persecuted him who carried the body, who let out a woeful shout.

The Black man murdered, the black man raped.
The white man’s heart filled with hate.

They did not care about the youths troubled mind.
For it was twisted and deluded in a natural bind.

They chained his neck and drug him ‘round,
With shovels they treated his flesh as ground.

They beat him to a pulp and stoned him with bricks,
They hoisted him high above a pile of sticks.

They removed his manhood and lit the pile aflame,
They cut off his fingers to prevent escape, and yet their hearts felt no shame.

The 16,000 of Waco cheered and roared,
And Satan laughed with delight at the human horde.

When it was over, they let him be,
So that their hateful justice, all could see

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SMWells said...
Nov. 25, 2010 at 7:15 am
Very well ritten. Somethings are to auful to want to dwell on. But we don't need to foget. It's a bitter memory our counrty has made fore itself all round. Wich only makes me realise again the satire of thanksgiving.
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