Love doesn't Hurt

October 3, 2010
By cutekitti1995 BRONZE, Rockwood, Michigan
cutekitti1995 BRONZE, Rockwood, Michigan
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Why me?
Why can't you see?
what did I do?
It's not me, its you
I want to shout!
I need to get out!
Why do you shove?
You call this love?
I'm tender to the touch
I hurt so much
You get so mad
I end up worse than i had
You shot a gun
I couldn't run
You lost your Head
Now i'm dead

The author's comments:
I am NOT in an abusive relationship, don't worry. I wrote this piece because it's something i feel very strong about. Domestic violence has to stop. There is no reason for it. period. the end. bad. if you feel you might be in one do your best to get out! You don't want to end up like this girl in the story!!!

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