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November 7, 2010
By HarleyBugg1 PLATINUM, Macon, Georgia
HarleyBugg1 PLATINUM, Macon, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"One truth may hurt more than a hundred lies, but I'd rather hear a thousand truths than one lie."

Love is a funny, little thing.
It likes to play with people's heart strings.
Love is tricky and quick.
Sometimes it blinds us,
just because Love is that slick.
Love is full of rage and jealousy.
And in many ways, Love is a dark mystery.



Love is weird.
But thou art more lovely, my Dear.
Love is about tears pouring.
The one that remains hopeful
is the one crying till four in the morning.
Love is about hanging on, even when you've had enough,
and giving more when you feel it's time to give up.



Love is amazing.
It drives people crazy.
Love is faithful, even after lies.
If Love is really there,
no one will have to say their goodbyes.
Love is full of magic
and Love isn't always tragic. :)

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