October 26, 2010
By hannahgirl22 BRONZE, Fryeburg Maine, Maine
hannahgirl22 BRONZE, Fryeburg Maine, Maine
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Arise and be all that you’ve dreamed.

All that you’ve wanted to be.

Reach out for the stars.

I promise you will go far.

As one day you will shine with all of your pride.

Just remember that you will change inside.

No matter how hard it can get.

Never give up on where you’ve started.

You go through your ups and downs that you don’t understand.

Those will be the ones that will hopefully make your big chance.

Meet the people who can make your destiny.

I promise you it will come easy to you on the way.

Keep dreaming,
If you just believe your the one who has the power to make it all into a reality.

At the end of the day

Be glad where you are today.

One day everything can change

If you just take your chances, and take those risks.

Good or bad it will never be the same

As you live up your life everyday.

Arise to the stars.

Never let anyone tell who you are.

Arise and be proud of where you are.

Everyday will always be your own special destiny.

Having somewhere to start

One day you will wake up from your dream

Knowing you made it a reality.

You shine with the stars

As that one day you finally know who you are.

The author's comments:
This is a motivating piece of writing telling you to go out and follow your dreams. Never let anyone tell you who you are.

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