The After Show

November 14, 2007
The curtain

as the audience applauds after a great show.
Actors dashing left and right just rushing to get out and find their friends and family.
Techies wait as the theater clears
once it’s empty the stage gets cleaned and the lights go off.
The show is over.
We all stay awhile and hang out.
Hey you want to get something to eat?
We walk around and find something to do.
We decide to goof off and play tricks on each other.
Ha-ha I have your hat!!
Hey! I’m comin’ after you!
The sound of laughter throughout the halls
The joys of knowing you don’t have to be anywhere but here

Enjoying this time with this person
While running back towards the theater I noticed he’s gone.
Hey where are you?
He opens up the theater door
Come on in, I have a surprise for you.
The theater is dark and empty.
All right what is it?
Here, this way.
Adam grabbed my hand gently and showed me the way up the ladder but before I know it

Someone else had been in the room
he grabbed my ankle and as I screamed and fell to the ground they both began to laugh.
I got up to see who it was. It was Jon.
But no worries. I got them back.
We went back in the halls laughing at my fall
Ha! That was so funny! You just fell back so hard! Did you hit the broom?
The sound of laughter lurked every corner

that’s what I needed.
While they were off on a sugar high I decided to take
advantage of this opportunity.
Jumping and laughing all fun and games till
I take out my camera.
At last I got what I needed.
Why are you taking pictures?
I began to run as they chased me down the hallway once again
Running down the halls dodging every obstacle in sight,
before I can run anymore another friend of mine shows up and
catches me and won’t let me go.
Anxious to get out and trying not to laugh, I was picked up and
carried back to the theater. Adam and Jon were laughing.
Ha-ha you can’t get away from us that easily.
Yeah. Not without my help. Zach replied.
Zach pinned me down on the floor with a wide smirk on his face.
Adam looked at me with a straight face that slowly turned into a laughing smile.
Adam tickled me like there was no tomorrow.
More and more techies came back from lunch and decided to watch
while Eric decided to join Adam.
Ultimate torcher.
The laughing continued until Adam had enough.
Zach helped me up.
We walked back into the theater.
All the techies had returned.
Time to set up for the second show! The director yelled.
The sets were put in place
the lights, shined brightly on the stage floor
and the mikes had been tested.
All set.
The actors return with a smile on their face
ready to perform
warming up their voices and putting on makeup.
The audience beings to enter and fills every seat in the theater.
Whispers are heard from every corner.
Are you ready?
The show begins.
What a great experience.

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