Tears of a clown

October 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Listen kids, to the tale i'm about to tell
It's about the tears of a clown
He always had a love for kids
To enteratain and fullfill their wish
But one day there was a boy
Who had no need for clowns or toys
He found the need to correct this mistake
But had no idea in what was to partake
He tried and tried but it wouldn't work
The boy would only nod and smirk
The clown gave up and went away
And never went near another pre-k
Now the clown lives his days
Forever lost in his own haze
Do you see the moral left behind?
Never try to change a little boys mind.

The author's comments:
My brother has always been a loveable and affectionate man, but sometimes people don't want to give him a chance. This is for him!

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