Never Alone

December 11, 2007
I'm so lost.
I'm diving into the dark abyss of no return.
Of shame and anguish and regret.

Suddenly I hear a noise.
When I look to my side I see a figure falling next to me.
He looks dead.

I reach out,
and my fingers brush his arm.

He opens his eyes
and looks at me in surprise.
He says,"I was hoping, praying that someone would come and rescue me from this darkness, loneliness, depress."
On his face I see relief.
And he sees the same on mine,
for now we both know,
we are not alone anymore.

I say to him,"Together we will be strengthened. We'll get out.
We won't die here."

We hold hands and together we start to reverse the path that we thought was
darkness everlasting.

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