I Screamed Out Loud

December 12, 2007
I Screamed outloud the feelings from inside my Heart.
No one was around to hear my confessions as my voice faded to a Whisper.
This is the beginning of a long cold Silence.
Tears have passed through the defenses my Eyes
tried to hold. Here I am alone, Broken
confused about what to do. Will I ever know of Love?

Reality has no place for Love.
Years have left me with a bitter stone Heart
Maybe it's better for it to remain Broken
The wind brings me comfort and I continue to Whisper
every thought I wish I could actaully say. Pain flickers in my Eyes.
There's nothing but Silence.

There will only be Silence
when you hold strong to your pride. Love
can't win in a war like that. You say you dont care, but your Eyes
give you away, your Heart
has crummbled and you too Whisper
into the night. My faith is not the only one Broken.

Here I am for you to use bruised and Broken
I'm being eaten alive by this Silence
we share, maybe God will answer my Whisper
of a prayer, to one day find Love,
to be less wreckless with my Heart.
There is truth behind my Eyes.

I lost the hope that was once in my Eyes.
My wings are Broken
I hope now you can fly. I will burry my Heart
in the depths of the sea, and watch the Silence
take control of the waves. Sail away to the west Love
sail away to be free. Let me become just a distant whisper.

Give up it's done, stay in stay strong, the voices at once start to Whisper.
Can you see the fear within my Eyes?
I will never know of Love,
no one finds value in somthing Broken.
Forever I will walk in deep Silence
as I scatter the pieces of a shattered Heart.

Just a small whisper from you could heal what has been Broken
your soul yells passion, your Eyes scream Silence
You need to know Love can't show from a gaurded Heart.

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