Not a person or thing in sight.

October 21, 2010
By devsicle GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
devsicle GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
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Dream like you will live forever, life like you will die tomorow.

Car walls separate me from the world.
The sounds are drowned out by the music blasting in my ears.
Trees line both sides of the road.
I’m warm and safe, away from the worries of the world.
Not a person or a thing in sight.
I pass by an old gas station.
Rusted and falling apart.
The gas still said $00.69.
It’s been abandoned, destroyed and it’s just standing there alone.
I know how it feels.
Not a person or a thing in sight.
My life starts to come into place.
I know where I belong.
I need to be out there, all alone.
I need to explore.
No one can bother me here.
No one even has to care.
Not a person or a thing in sight.
My house is hours away.
So are my troubles.
I do not want this to disapear.
I have to grasp the world before it’s gone.
I do not know what I feel.
A smile spreads across my face.
Not a person or a thing in sight.
I wish this was wear I lived.
Alone, in the wilderness.
Just me, myself and I.
I would be happy.
No drama to deal with.
No boys to break my heart.
Not a person or a thing in sight.
The highway quickly approaches.
My back road adventure is about to end.
I need to take it all in.
The camera flashes and then it’s gone.
All I have left is that picture.
People and things are in sight.
I snap back into reality.
My mind wonders to home.
To the drama.
To the texts I just received.
To the guy that broke my heart.
It doesn’t want to be there.
But it is.
My mind can not shake it.
I need to be alone.
In the woods.
But it’s gone and I’m on my way back home.
Back to life.
People and things are in sight.

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