My Piece of the World

December 12, 2007
By Carla Luppino, Hilliard, OH

I have a view from my window:
A piece of the world,
A different shade of blue with each blink
Painted with rooftops and street lights and swings

It glows with a gold autumn sunshine
Casting shadows on the walls of my room
When the sun escapes into its hideout
The stars are its protectors and kings

Can you see the view I see from your window?
Yours is your own, but the same sky colors mine
In a world so vast and impossibly different
Our halves are drawn by invisible lines

Each person sees with eyes that are nobody else’s
And forms opinions that they can claim the rights to
In the democratic wonderland that is this nation
A collage of minds of all unlike designs

You can weigh my view against yours and oppose it
Pick apart the philosophies I will shamelessly embrace
Refute God, renounce life ever after
But my piece of the world will not go away

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