The Park Bench

November 21, 2007
There is a woman sitting alone
Just sitting and being there all alone
Pondering and questioning her life gone by
As she closes her eyes, she’s trying to hide
Sadness she feels and no longer keeps inside
Questionable goodbyes no longer she hides
He was in the military
Strong and strapping
A boy of eighteen no longer napping
His time had come to go fulfill his tour
And all she was doing was praying he’d walk back through that door
She wouldn’t kiss him goodbye
She wouldn’t think about the end
Now she sits here alone, all alone
On the end of this park bench
Just sitting and thinking about the times she’s had
She sits there, eyes closed, and sighs in her head
Waiting and wishing her times would go by
So she can be there for him and stand by his side
She won’t feel so alone
And she could finally go home
To be with her love through all time
And yet day after day she sits here and sighs
At the thought of the love of her life saying goodbye
She sits all alone hearing goodbyes
From people, just strangers
She’s no longer in danger
Waiting and praying
For her very first “hi.”

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