I Am From

November 21, 2007
I am from blue hearts and green stars
From table top dances and best friends named Lizzie
From dive bars but no strip clubs
From very first tattoos and lap dances in the pool
I am from little black dress approved and 2 am adventures
From cinematic journeys and blue panda bears in the sand
From crank that spider man to aquaman and everything in between
From Pine Needle streets to purple pens with blue ink
I am from ballerinas by the sea to Hotbox Dancers and crayola gangsters
I am from music by the pool till you know I can’t breathe underwater
From the worst mermaid on the face of this state which makes her cry
I am from tearful goodbyes and curly-que freedom fries
I am from bunk beds and rose covered pillow fights
From my eyeliners smearing to gray goose in the spring time
I am from bonfires and truth or dare
From mud slinging, wife beaters and underwear
I am from Oh no you can’t meet her
To pandas and tigers in Washington DC Oh My!
I am from long boat rides that go no where and clubin at the high school
From cheering half clothed and not naked
To back stage shows that are only for us
I am from mama and papa dollar and Havana Cuba starry nights
From going to “town” and cruising the streets
To chocolate chip cookie dough and hiding the aerosol cans
I am from lime green and bright orange shoe laces
To hat and cane parties that last all night
I am from waffle house kids to falling out of the chairs
I am from purple suits and white girls can dance
I am from Friday night football games to let me tell you a sign
From cool your jets turbo to secret kisses at gramercy
I am from its always five o’clock at Margaritaville
Till I can’t make up my mind
I am from is my flirting okay to I can’t find my eye
I am from heaven kisses and suede boots
And this thing is even harder to loose
But most importantly I am from simplicity at its finest

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