The Great Escape.

November 21, 2007
By Delaney Murphey, Midlothian, VA

I'm packing my bags and heading north
And no one even sees me coming
But then again how could they?

This is the great escape.
This is release.
This is redemption.
This is alive and real.
Where fiction is reality,
And dreams are always true.

I'm on my way to a new beginning.
A one way ticket to the indefinate.
Hitch a ride with a whirlwind,
Find myself somewhere new.
Where I am a nameless friend in a bar.
A passing figure in your streets.

This is freedom.
This is adventure.
This is discovery.
A never-ending reverie.
An eternity of the unknown.

You may not remember me,
But I will never forget.
I am a suburban-raised vagabond,
The world flows in my veins.
My home is in Ulan,
In Senegal and Guam.
My heart is with the people, the places,
The colors and the sounds.
The smell of the tulips in Silvan.

Picture me there,
In the streets of London, dancing in the rain.
Picking wildflowers in the meadows of Tuscany.
Collecting seashells on the shores of Maine.
Swimming in Melbourne.

Meeting the people .
Hearing the stories.
"Can you see me?"

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