Dawn, the time of silence

November 21, 2007
Dawn, the time of silence
Dusk, feeding the flame of darkness
Noon, the hour of rejoicing
Midnight, the time of death
Day, lighting your path as you seek
Night, cold as hell, unable to see
Moon, full of mystery and dreams
Sun, overflowing with joy and prospering
Stars, feeble guidelines, all will tell in time
Forest, ancient, wise, sees all
Jungle, wild, with a touch of mystery
Desert, never ending, going all which ways
Ocean, full of life, it's murky depths pulling you in
Sky, freedom, a never ending joyride
Time, endless, never stopping to warn you
Rain, despair, and yet full of new life
Clouds, lighting your day, or making the worst of it
Snow, frozen tears, unspoken yet rejoiced
Lightning, energy, unable to contain itself
Hail, bits of hatred hurling themselves at you
Rock, down to earth, solid in its stances
Twisters, wanting to belong, yet unable to fit in with the world
Hurricanes, envy, taught itself, not knowing how to live
Fire, brave and courageous, yet torn within, a danger to all
Water, life, clear and pure, never straying from the path
Ice, chilled, hardened from all that its experienced
Wood, solid, standing its ground, wisdom beyond its years
Metal, tough, raised as it is, unreasonable
Wind, unreachable, within grasp yet it always slips right out of grasp
Air, always there, yet unrecognized, no one sees its true importance
Love, full of potential, stronger than anything that exists
Hatred, poison, unimaginable darkness tearing all apart
Imagination, crazy, going wherever it pleases, wild and true
Tears, insecure, never knowing why they are there
Spirit, raw power waiting to be harnessed
Energy, power, waiting to be found and used
Power, immense, few things greater than it
Silence, honest, unable to tell its secrets or what it's heard
Rope, binding, never letting go of what's important
Cloth, protecting, but unwilling to reveal its true self
Diamond, beauty, but not always more than skin-deep
Fog, deception, yet it doesn't always show
Color, blessing, changing the perspective of things
Life, untouchable, not something to be thrown away
Existence, precious, never question why

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