The Wind and The Trees

November 3, 2010
By XdoomedtodreamX GOLD, Warwick, New York
XdoomedtodreamX GOLD, Warwick, New York
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"Live life like a musical: sing your heart out, do your own little dance, and ignore all of the laughter in the audience because they're all idiots who have no idea what's really going on anyway."

Over many long years in a place far away,
The world interacted for most of every day.
The wind and the trees had become quite good friends,
For what one of them lacks the other always lends.
The wind spoke softly in a quiet breeze,
Telling her dreams to the whispering trees.
The wind softly said “I will see the sand,
And oceans and deserts and a new foreign land.”
“But why?” the trees asked, “Why leave your home?
It’s unsafe to travel, especially alone.”
“I’m not happy here,” The wind told her friend,
“Nothing ever happens, nothing comes to an end.”
“But what about all of the things you don’t know?
Where will you rest? Where will you go?”
“I truly don’t know,” The wind said with a sigh,
“But I know that I can’t let this life pass me by.”
“What about you?” The wind asked the trees,
“How can you just stand there, holding your leaves?”
“It isn’t that hard,” the trees proudly said,
“especially when you are rooted to your bed.”
“So tear up those roots and be free of the ground,
just take a big step and start walking around!”
“No, no, my dear wind, I wish to stay here,
Where I can live my life without worry or fear.”
“But what about your dream?” the wind sadly asked,
“Fulfill it with me before the opportunity flies past.”
“If I was meant to travel my roots would be free,
but they are obviously not so it was not meant to be.”
“Oh well, my dear trees, it is your choice alone.
But, as for me, it is time to leave home.”
And with that the wind blew through the whispering trees,
Over deserts and mountains and seven roaring seas.
The wind blew across every foreign land,
With rolling hills galore and beauty so grand.
And then, one day, the wind finally returned,
Whispering to the trees all of the things she had learned.
“Please tell me, dear wind, tell me about the land
And the wonderful things I could not understand.”
So the wind proudly shared the tales of her travels
And although she fulfilled her dream, her life still unravels.

The author's comments:
I guess the only think I really have to say is that I realized that change is a necessity in life; without it, life is nothing.

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